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How To Sell Expensive Items On Ebay

How to Sell Expensive Items on eBay

Selling expensive items on eBay is really no different than selling despondent cost items. Essentially, no matter what you are selling, it all comes down to how you market the item. This doesn’t mean you have to surf around the Internet placing ads here and licensed – when it comes to eBay auctions, the marketing is all done at the eBay website. Basically, when you set up your auction, you are setting augmentation an automated marketing range.

First, you must determine what the value of your item is, in three variant ways. This leave help you determine what your reserve price is. On eBay, the reserve price is the lowest price that you are willing to accept for your item. Rudimentary, have your high priced item evaluated to determine what the actual market value is. Next, research similar items from past auctions at eBay to see what price those items sold for. Finally, determine what the value of the item is to you. With this information, you should be able to persuade the lowest monetary worth you are willing to sell the item for.

Set your reserve price, and then set your opening bid price lower than $50 – no matter how large your ditch price is. This is a marketing tactic. It entrust be hard to attract potential buyers to an auction for an item selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars – but getting them to an auction where the commencement bid is only $50 is quite simple. Remember, you don’t have to sell the item to anyone who bids less than your reserve price – unless you choose to do so at the close of the auction. This ritual of price setting resembles marketing gimmicks used by offline businesses that are simply designed to ‘get customers in the door. ’

Work hard on the description for your listing. Use vociferation that really describe your item well. Stock up for umpteen details as possible, including details that prove the authenticity of collectible items. Include pictures of the item as well. Do not try to deceive potential buyers! If the item has marks or scratches, simply be honest about it, and make sure that the pictures convey this as well. State how the item will be packed and shipped. Also let potential buyers know that shipping insurance must be purchased as hearty – in case the item is damaged once it leaves your possession.

For higher priced items, most eBay buyers feel more comfortable using an escrow service. Offer this as an option in your auction, with the understanding that the buyer must pay for the service. This protects both parties from fraud, and it makes many buyers more open to spending the money to obtain the item. eBay has partnered with an escrow service that is commonly used for high ticket items.




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