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How To Use Safe Lists And What To Avoid

Michael Rasmussen and Tom Dahne's SMASS Safelist Submitter


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How to use safe lists and what to avoid

The True Meaning of Opt - in

These days, even proactively signing up for a list isn't considered good enough. Close all, anybody can fill in a Web form or support an E - mail request with your E - mail address.

Responsible list owners want to set out that their subscribers consist of only those people who want to join. Aside from the obvious spam approach of using harvested addresses, it's all too uncomplicated for people with a poison agenda to sign someone up for lots of lists ( for example, to " mail bomb " the unsuspecting user with thousands of pieces of fortuitous E - mail, ) a common form of Internet revenge.

Opt - in is a process agency which the mailing list software gets a positive confirmation from the E - mail address that has requested the subscription. This will confirm that the E - mail address really exists and if the person using it just wants to be on the list.

The confirmation usually contains a token, a unique juice of characters that can be sent back through E - mail, because part of a URL, or pasted into a specified Web form. The token will prove that the E - mail address owner got the learning with the token and wants to be on the specified list. This multi - step process is often referred to as " double opt - in " or " opt - in and confirm. "

True opt - pull requires you to send back a confirmation message that includes a unique token or password to defeat an automated sign - up attack, There is a conforming pattern among spammers to describe something an opt - in list and everything else as double bias - in. In a spammer's eyes, opt - in means somebody has signed impact for the service, but never confirmed it. This is obviously open to abuse. Real opt - in always has to be confirmed.

More generally, true opt - in requires some form of confirmation. Although E - mail or Web - based confirmation is the hugely common, it's also potential to do the confirmations by phone or even snail mail if you have enough trust or knowledge of the confirming parties.

For example, on a private mailing list, they process all add requests by collaboration, so nobody's added unless he explicitly requests it—by E - mail, phone, remote into me somewhere, telling somebody else who tells me, etc., and the " confirmation " pass is my asking anyone who they don't recognize to provide enough bona fides.

By using SMass™, you can advertise your products, services, or affiliate programs by email without fear of being accused of SPAM. Your email messages are only sent to individuals who have subscribed to paired opt - in safelists; therefore you're reaching an audience of recipients who've requested your messages.

Using the submitter is easy; you simply join the safelists, type in your email message, click a button, and your message is automatically sent to many thousands of double opt - in recipients, 100 % Spam Free!

When you purchase your copy of SMass™ just now, we'll supply you with a list of double opt - in safelists which are compatible with our software so you can start your email campaign immediately.

The following sections give you some advice and thoughts from experienced list - runners:

Saying a list is " opt - in " doesn't necessarily make it so.

Some spammers have been known to put up a Web - based subscription form, simply to have something to point to for when somebody complains I never signed up for the list, they can say - " Here's our form; you urgency have signed up. " You should avoid spam; all you need is a good way to have your list and have a healthy environment for your prospects. Sometimes, you cannot avoid some problems due to a list they have subscribed to but forgot to opt - out.

Subscribers often forget they opted in or don't want to bother unsubscribing.

Subscribers are recurrently too lazy to unsubscribe and find that it's easier to submit you to a spam - reporter or blocker. And once you're on a blacklist, other subscribers are hurt because many blacklists are used as a blunt instrument. What you act to avoid these is to provide your prospects with a mailing list.

A mailing list is a powerful way of reaching out and communicating with people. But, as midpoint all E - mail users are not companies and do not know that many users, many others would not yen to be added to the lists. They will be forced to opt - out to get off the list.

This is to deliberately but explicitly ask them to add opt - in to their list.




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